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The top 3 Plumbing Emergencies: At some point everyone will experience a plumbing emergency. The moment you contact Plumbing Matters your plumbing emergency becomes our plumbing emergency. Plumbing Emergencies seem to come at the worst of times, and if you have ever tried getting a plumber to answer the phone in the middle of the night you know what im talking about. Here are the top 3 Common Plumbing Emergencies, and some helpful tips you need to know.


Main line stoppage:

Your doing laundry and you hear a bubbling sound coming from the bathroom. You run to the bathroom to investigate and notice bubbles coming out of the toilet bowl. This is an indication that the main sewer line for the house is clogged. Do you know where your clean out is located? This is an access point to clean out your sewer line when you have a plumbing emergency. The c/o is typically white, round, sticks up 4" above the ground, and located in the front yard. To avoid a plumbing emergency,quickly unscrew the cap and call Plumbing Matters to fix your plumbing emergency.


Clogged Sink:

It's the middle of summer and you have the air condition on full blast, when you notice that a sink that rarely gets used is full up with water. So you get your trusty wet vac out and remove the standing water from the sink, 2 hours later you notice that the same sink has filled back up with water. This is an indication that your a/c condensation line drains into the sink. You have 2 options Turn your a/c off and call Plumbing Matters to clear the stoppage, or you can call Plumbing Matters and continue to periodically us your wet vac to drain the sink until we arrive.


Broken water line:

All kinds of things cause water lines to break, tree roots, faulty workmanship, lightening, High water pressure, to name a few. Your inside washing your hands when you notice the water pressure reduced by half. You go around to the rest of the plumbing fixtures and notice that everywhere in the house you seem to have half the water pressure you usually have. So you go outside to investigate, and find that there is a pond in your front yard. Quickly find your homeowner shut off and turn the water off. Now that you have stopped the leaking you can call Plumbing Matters and we will come right over to make the necessary repairs.

Everyday we get up and expect our plumbing system to work without a problem, on the rare occasion you find yourself with a plumbing emergency know that Plumbing Matters is always available. Cleaner, Faster, Better